BOYE GLASS manufacture the highly regarded glass products in our own factory and sell these nationwide and overseas, direct to the public. Buying direct from the factory is the equivalent of buying at TRADE PRICES as no retail profit margin is included, saving the customer $ hundreds!

      Qinhuangdao Boye glass Co.,Ltd is located in Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone with rigistered capital RMB 3,000,000, occupying about 20,000 square meters with storeroom, 4,500 square meters and the modern processing workshop 5,000 square meters. It owns advanced facilities, ourstanding professional technicians as well as perfect management system.
  Company Name: Qinhuangdao Boye
  Glass Co., Ltd

  Marketing Tel:0335-5318082
  5318386 13780330743
  Address:N0.15, Huanghezhong   Road, Qinhuangdao Economic and
  Technological Development Zone

          Qinhuangdao Boye Glass Co., Ltd All rights reserved  Technology Support: Qinhaungdao Jialian Technologies Co., Ltd

Address: N0.15, Huanghezhong Road, Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone 
Marketing Tel:0335-5318082  5318386  13780330743  Fax:0335-5310586

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